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Meet Our Dynamic Team

Who We Are

Christy Cason

MoBay FunFest Founder & CEO of Cason Travel & Tours

A native of Detroit, MI, Christy relocated to N Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998. Christy Cason is the owner and founder of Cason Travel & Tours LLC, a retail travel agency located in N Las Vegas. Christy is an International Event Planner and specializes in coordinating Fundraisers for non-profit organizations and VIP group travel experiences with an African American theme. Christy had the vison to create a boutique music & wellness festival in her favorite Caribbean destination - Jamaica, and she birthed the festival in the pandemic June 2021


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Beth Jenkins

MoBay FunFest Event Director

Beth Jenkins

Event Director

Beth Jenkins, of Performance Priorities, oversees the planning and execution of events for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We take full charge of planning and coordination, accommodations, venues; manage talent and staffing, catering, transportation, equipment (for sound, stage & video) for your event. No event is too large or too small, we plan from corporate too casual! We are the exclusive Event Director for the MoBay FunFest Wellness & Music Festival! Some of our clients, past and present, include; FordDirect, EDS, Entertainment Publications, Detroit Care Assisted Living and Cason Travel & Tours.

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Alicia Eunice

MoBay FunFest Wellness Director 

 Celebrated author, motivational speaker, self-help coach, marketing guru, and branding expert Alicia Eunice is becoming widely known for her ability to help clients overcome their self-limiting beliefs and become more confident and self-fulfilled. Known as the Candid Coach, Alicia is gaining an increasing number of 5-star reviews from happy clients.

On a mission to inspire people to manifest a blissful, magical, conscious and vibrantly illuminated life of health, wealth and love, Alicia shows her clients how to create their own realities and control their own destinies.

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Shenelle Freeman

MoBay FunFest Production Director

Meet ‘S. Free’


Shenelle Freeman is a Communications Professional from Detroit, MI specializing in production and hospitality coordination in the music (live entertainment arena). She currently holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Full Sail University.  Her love for music, arts, and live events have led her to a career working behind the scenes to helping promoters, artists and support staff teams create timeless events for the past 11 years.  She has worked on the planning logistics, branding, and activations of events consisting, yet not limited to concerts and festivals.  

 “I only take on things that I personally believe in.  If I believe in it, I’m going to give it 110%.  I operate in Purpose, Passion, and Consistency!”




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